[SATLUG] Any Technical/Automation-Hacking/Override info on the CPS Energy Saver Thermostat?

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Tue May 18 23:15:27 CDT 2010

On Saturday 15 May 2010 06:03:54 pm Robert Pearson wrote:
> I do not have a clue how to underclock (or overclock) and how it
> relates to performance and wattage reduction.
> My question is, "Have you looked at EFI/UEFI CULV desktop motherboards
> as a "green" solution?"
> If so, "How do they look?".

Please.. don't mistake my cheap/high availability computer hacking for being 
on the "green" <gag> bandwagon.  It's one thing for business to market to 
this concept.. but when honorable geeks start buying PC components based on 
green and energy-star ratings.. it really makes me ill.  The energy star 
compliance program is a joke.  And most of those "green hardware" out there 
is marketing fluff (except maybe for PFC and RoHS).  Marketing mean to make 
companies look good.. and make more money for people willing to may 30% more 
to feel good.

> Is your ultimate goal to reduce electric consumption primarily in your
> computer gear or the "big picture" reduction in A/C cost?

On my high availability firewall -- By underclocking and pulling off the fan, 
I just make a very low cost, more reliable system with no moving parts. 
That's the main goal there. Not "going green"... heh..

> On really hot days I am now forced to turn off all my desktops to
> reduce A/C use and use my laptop in suspend/hibernate.

I just turn the AC to 69. ;)

> A/C savings approach 30% on hot summer days.

I'm a Yankee.  I can't take the heat.. 

> I have not been able to get suspend/hibernate working for the desktops.
> Anybody doing this have any desktop suggestions?
> Electricity is not going to get cheaper anytime soon.

Electricity is the cheapest in the nation right here in San Antonio at around 
6.5cents/KWh (unless it's recently changed).  This is why solar power has 
never really taken off in Central Texas. Perfect climate... terrible RoI.


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