[SATLUG] Bizarro Install

Dylan Nelson cold2na at gmail.com
Tue May 18 23:42:21 CDT 2010

Ok. I burnt a BackTrack 4 DVD install from Remote Exploit. Checked the md5
like always. It checked out as usual. Installed this afternoon on a PC with
Ubuntu 10.04 I have been using all semester. I wiped the drive clean and
completed the install of BT4. After the installation was complete, I
rebooted the pc. Everything as usual, right? When the PC boots back up it
gives me the options of Ubuntu 8.04 and WINDOWS. Windows Vista longhorn
bootloader!! Shocked, I run and go wake my wife up to show her. Get
witnesses I'm thinking because this is insane. She's not as amazed as I am
to say the least. Amazed is not exactly how I would describe your mood at
all. : (

So, Windows is there somehow. And I say why not, let's pick it. I pick the
partition with Windows on it. And it is a Windows 7 installer. How bizarre
is that? I haven't gone back and checked the Ubuntu partition. But wow,
 Keep in mind, Windows has never been on that PC since I picked it up from
GoodWill two years ago and it was XP. Bizarro , yes?


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