[SATLUG] Bizarro Install

mark mayfield_mark at att.net
Wed May 19 00:49:38 CDT 2010

My experience with grub detecting existing linux installs has not been
good. I am assuming that BackTrack is using grub. I don't think that
grub would wipe out the MBR, so if it had windows on it and the MBR
wasn't wiped grub may leave the bootloader there even though the system
is gone. I know on some systems that have recovery partitions as the
first partition grub will grab it and put it in the menu in which case
you just have to change the partition number (otherwise it boots the
recovery utility). I always back up the bootloader configuration and
never rely on the bootloader to get it right. Expecially with multiple
hard drives the auto detection is horrible. I've got several systems
with three or more systems in a multi boot configuration (windoze,
linux, solaris or bsd). The only way to get it right is manually. If I
had to guess I might think that because BackTrack is meant to be a live
system and to be used in stealth they didn't think you would want it in
the boot loader that everyone can see. What might be nice would be to
put its entry on a floppy, cd, dvd or flash drive and boot from that
when using backtrack (I don't know how big the backtrack kernel is and
if it would fit on a floppy).

I've done alot of editing boot loader configurations manually. In this
case I would probably boot the live disk and copy the boot loader
configuration from it. Then just change the location of the kernel,
initial ramdisk and root filesystem to match what is on the hard drive.

Very bizarre but not surprising. The part about the Vista boot loader
when Vista was never on it is. Perhaps the hard drive had made its way
around different machines and did have Vista on it at one point? My
machine, which has three hard drives has grub 2. Every time the kernel
gets updated and grub-update is run it resets the boot loader
configuration. It gets all the systems that are not on the primary boot
drive wrong. I put the right settings in the grub 2 custom directory so
that they get picked up but it puts both sets in, the wrong ones that
are auto detected and the right ones from the custom directory. I just
go in and remove the autodetected entries manually after each kernel

There may be way to disable the auto detect feature but I haven't gotten
around to looking for it.

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 23:42 -0500, Dylan Nelson wrote:
> Ok. I burnt a BackTrack 4 DVD install from Remote Exploit. Checked the md5
> like always. It checked out as usual. Installed this afternoon on a PC with
> Ubuntu 10.04 I have been using all semester. I wiped the drive clean and
> completed the install of BT4. After the installation was complete, I
> rebooted the pc. Everything as usual, right? When the PC boots back up it
> gives me the options of Ubuntu 8.04 and WINDOWS. Windows Vista longhorn
> bootloader!! Shocked, I run and go wake my wife up to show her. Get
> witnesses I'm thinking because this is insane. She's not as amazed as I am
> to say the least. Amazed is not exactly how I would describe your mood at
> all. : (
> So, Windows is there somehow. And I say why not, let's pick it. I pick the
> partition with Windows on it. And it is a Windows 7 installer. How bizarre
> is that? I haven't gone back and checked the Ubuntu partition. But wow,
> right?
>  Keep in mind, Windows has never been on that PC since I picked it up from
> GoodWill two years ago and it was XP. Bizarro , yes?
> Dylan

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