[SATLUG] How trackable is your browser?

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Wed May 19 06:34:40 CDT 2010

Herb Cee wrote:
> pcdls.ronin wrote:
>> So, uh, what do we do about it?
>> Don Davis wrote:
>>> So, we are trackable on our browser fingerprint alone.
>>> pcdls.ronin wrote:
>>>> Ditto,
> I dunno but consider this ... I find this anecdotal experience very 
> interesting. About 8yrs ago i bought a 250' roll of 10/2 Romex 
> elect-hookup wire it cost me $32+7% tax and a yr ago I wanted to buy 
> another of same product but the price was $280 at same store + 7.75 tx.. 
> local tiny town feed & hwd. lowest price i found via google was still 
> over $200 ... so i just could not afford it but i also had noticed that 
> Southwire had virtually cornered the market anywhere I looked via Google ..

I remember working in construction 15 years ago. I was _very_ surprised 
to see a box of Romex for close to $300.

You don't think it's cookies tracking.

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