[SATLUG] Re: Any Technical/Automation-Hacking/Override info on the CPS Energy Saver Thermostat?

Chris crynosys at grandecom.net
Mon May 24 00:26:45 CDT 2010

Don Wright wrote:
> Doug wrote:
>> I spoke to CPS  about one of those, and their advice was that if there is usually someone
 >>home all day then DO NOT have one installed.  But if you do get one 
and have ANY electronics
 >> in use, they should be protected by surge protectors and battery 
back ups or UPS with back up.
 >> That or kiss them goodbye.
> You got a cite from competent authority for that? There's nothing
> electrical that differs in this unit from a standard thermostat. The
> unit just pretends the temperature is a little different than it is. The
> A/C turns on and off EXACTLY THE SAME as with a standard t-stat, so
> where is this magic electronics-destroying monster?

Unless CPS has changed policy, they DO install something out at your 
compressor that prevents it from cycling on for 10 to 15 minuets out
of the hour, during high demand periods.

If you actually want to lower your electric bill and increase your homes 
comfort level make sure you have at Least 15 inches of insulation
in your attic.

Chris (Solar PV panels are for suckers) Lee

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