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Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Tue May 25 17:21:31 CDT 2010

mark wrote:
> Are you kidding? I don't know why everyone is acting like global warming
> is the only problem with pollution. In a family of 5 dogs that we had 3
> of them got cancer. We used to let our dogs drink unfiltered tap water.
> Since we started filtering our tap water none of our dogs have ever
> gotten cancer. I won't let any living creature drink unfiltered tap
> water for an extended period of time. Besides cancer there are asthma
> and autism which may be at least in part attributed to different kinds
> of commercial pollution. People have to be careful how much fish they
> eat because of mercury content. Species becoming endangered on a regular
> basis some of which can be attributed to commercial under regulation
> (pollution and deforestation, sea otters endangered partially because of
> oil spills). Anyone that acts like pollution is no big deal and
> companies should just be allowed to do whatever they want with the
> byproducts of their activities, well I won't event make that comment,
> it's obvious.
> People that endanger other individuals, especially children can face
> criminal charges but companies that endanger entire populations are
> protected and respected. Sometimes I am ashamed of myself and my peers.
> I'm in awe of the power that money has over people and it's ability to
> make people believe things that are completely illogical and sometimes
> downright insane.
> On Tue, 2010-05-25 at 09:09 -0500, Doug wrote:
>> If one has been keeping up with the news, even Al Gore has now reversed 
>> himself on the effects of CO2 emissions and is now agreeing that current 
>> levels are having no effect on climate change or global warming, and that 
>> natural disasters worldwide, especially the production of volcanic activity 
>> is the major cause, and that the Sun's cycles and the wobbly orbit of our 
>> planet is the cause of the wide cycles in the earth's weather patterns. 
>> Keep watch on the effects over time from the ash production of the Icelandic 
>> volcano.  There will be a cooling.
>> That now being revealed hopefully many of the environmentalists can now 
>> return to their day jobs.
>> Doug.

Come on guys knock this off u pushing my buttons big time. However i got my 
hands full learning Linux. My 11 acres is clean I will have my own elect 
generating unit by next yr i hope... but all I can do is control my own 
fences and u will have to do the same.

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