[SATLUG] off-topic - now PV

Chris crynosys at grandecom.net
Wed May 26 00:31:54 CDT 2010

Borries Demeler wrote:
> Man made CO2 emissions cause global warming.
> Nothing else, period.

Your usually the man in my book but....
The fallout from climate-gate is that IPCC scientists have been proven
to Falsify their data sets, Falsify their results/models and Still
refuse to offer up their data/findings to open peer review.
Oh and lets not forget that NASA oops.

Current climate modeling can't even reliably predict weather 48 hours 
into the future.
The folks on the cutting edge of geo-engineering research predict it
will be 30 years before we even have the computing power necessary to
calculate a model that can for-see the effects of global warming.

As for CO2, if you really want to make a difference drop the beef from 
your diet.  Cow farts are 14 times more potent a Greenhouse gas than CO2.

Chris (I can mitigate the worst effects of global warming for 2 mill a 
year and stop a Cat 5 hurricane with a 100 grand.) Lee

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