[SATLUG] off-topic Solar-PV discussion

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Thu May 27 07:47:25 CDT 2010

On 5/26/2010 10:26 AM, Andrew Pickens wrote:
> Our 4.86 kW PV system was placed in service a week ago, on 2010/5/19. 
> So far, it has made about $8 worth of juice, and I can hardly wait for a
> sunny day.  There is no question that, at full price, PV is not
> practical.  But, the powers that be have decided to spend our money on
> the things, and I figured I might as well get my share.  The rational:
> With CPS paying about half of the cost, and with the Feds kicking in a
> 30% TAX CREDIT, at a time when interest rates are unreasonably low, it
> became a reasonable investment.  It pays in tax free dollars (those
> saved), and the return, i.e. the cost of power, is almost guaranteed to
> go up.

Where does CPS get it's money? Where do the Feds get their money?

You'll end up paying for the subsidized items eventually. Rather, all of
us will end up paying for your PV system, whether we want to or not...


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