[SATLUG] off-topic Solar-PV discussion

mark mayfield_mark at att.net
Fri May 28 10:50:34 CDT 2010

On Fri, 2010-05-28 at 01:10 -0500, Chris wrote:

> IF all the small group was guilty of was practicing bad science.
> IF the IPCC wasn't still using their finding to scare
> the world into Global redistribution of wealth schemes.
> IF the Church of Climate Change didn't reject rational economically
> viable short term and long term solutions to the "crisis" out of hand.
> IF I didn't have to wade through pages of personal attacks to find
> out that some Church Official couldn't dispute the facts they just
> hated the way a statement was worded.
>    I might agree with you.
> Fortunately when you discount "the bad apples" work you knock off the 
> worst of the effects of global warming.  Then your left with a
> consensus of a possible rise in sea level of 1 to 5 feet between now
> and 2100.
> The fact that man is generating a huge amount of green house gases
> IS undeniable.  The Fact that even greater concentrations have 
> repeatedly occurred before man reached the industrial age is also
> on record.
> The Fact that there is a 95 percent chance that NONE of the catastrophic 
> predictions will come true is also on record.
> The fact that the earth's climate will eventually change with
> or without human intervention is undeniable.
> The rate of that change not the severity is what threatens us puny
> humans.

Besides all the these statements you made that we are just supposed to
blindly take as fact. Climate change is not the only problem with

In a family of 5 dogs that we had 3 of them got cancer. We used to let
our dogs drink unfiltered tap water. Since we started filtering our tap
water none of our dogs have ever gotten cancer. I won't let any living
creature drink unfiltered tap water for an extended period of time.
Besides cancer there are asthma and autism which may be at least in part
attributed to different kinds of commercial pollution. People have to be
careful how much fish they eat because of mercury content. Species
becoming endangered on a regular basis some of which can be attributed
to commercial under regulation (pollution and deforestation, sea otters
endangered partially because of oil spills). 

People that endanger other individuals, especially children can face
criminal charges but companies that endanger entire populations are
protected and respected. I'm in awe of the power that money has over
people and it's ability to make people believe things that are
completely illogical and sometimes downright insane.

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