[SATLUG] Qs about BT787 video capture cards

Tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat May 29 01:26:33 CDT 2010

Hey Jeremy.. others..

Anyone much experience with BT7xx video capture cards?

Is it true that with a 4 camera-input card, that if you want motion detection 
on all four cameras that you need to get the more expensive four chip capture 
card? (please excuse typos.. this late.. I just can't type)

It would seem that on a single capture chip card that the middleware (ivtv, 
v4l2, etc) could do the motion detection at the kernel level.. and then 
just "Switch" to that camera to record.. and if there was more than one 
camera, simply time division switch between the the cams with motion in them 
(changing the frame rate of each as needed). No?
(although I can see problems with this if all cameras are not sync'd to a 
common clock or SPG) 

Anyway.. I DO want motion detection on all four cameras, but I don't want to 
have to buy a four chip card unless I have to.. So anyway, experience in this 
area is wanted.


p.s. for those not familiar with the create Linux support of this stuff.. see 
and this great demo video of their pro-grade video surveillance system here:

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