[SATLUG] Qs about BT787 video capture cards

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sat May 29 08:30:53 CDT 2010

I've used a BT787 from Linux Labs with Zoneminder. I haven't run the 
system for a little while. I'll try to remember without giving 

What you're doing depends on whether you want half duplex or full 
duplex. Depending on whether your card supports full duplex at all.

How many fps do you want?

Motion detection on all four should work fine. I don't know about the 
built-in chip used for motion detection. My setup relied on the 
algorithms in Zoneminder comparing the stream of images.

BTW, I have the Linux Labs card (it's a few years old now but a very 
solid piece of technology - solid heavy metal ), a nicer cctv camera, 
and a cheap $100 camera that I'm not using. The card expands from 4 full 
duplex ports to 8 half duplex ports. (I never used the expansion though.)

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