[SATLUG] Timestamps on e-mails [was: Any Technical/Automation - now PV]

Alan Lesmerises alesmerises at satx.rr.com
Sat May 29 10:58:04 CDT 2010

The previous thread reminded me of something that's puzzled me for a while.

Three e-mails, in sequence, from Tweeks, Bruce, & pcdls are shown 
below.  It's clear which came first based on who's responding to whom.  
But the time stamps (and the sequence they show up in my in-box, since I 
sort them by time), are pcdls - 5/28/2010, 9:46pm (this was actually the 
last e-mail); Tweeks - 5/28/2010, 11:49pm (this was the first e-mail); 
and Bruce - 5/29/2010, 12:20am.

How the $#^% does that happen?  Shouldn't the timestamps be UTC time or 

Al Lesmerises

pcdls.ronin wrote:
> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Tweeks wrote:
>>> Now.. if we could just them to shut off the damn fluoridation.
>>> My oldest daughter (6) already suffers from dental fluorosis:
>>>     http://www.fluoridealert.org/dental-fluorosis.htm
>>> Damn fluoridation..
>> As opposed to http://www.fluoridedebate.com/question21.html
>> "Fluoride in the much lower concentrations (0.7 to 1.2 ppm) used in 
>> water fluoridation is not harmful or toxic."
>> http://www.saws.org/our_water/fluoride.shtml
>> "Fluoride already occurs naturally in San Antonio’s water at 0.3 
>> parts per million. SAWS adds enough fluoride to bring the fluoride 
>> level up to 0.8 parts per million"
>> There are many scientific studies that contradict each other -- 
>> global warming, fluoridated water, radiation from nuclear power 
>> plants, cancer from cell phone use, Obama was born in Kenya...
>> The advantage and disadvantage of the internet is that you can find 
>> many opinions that agree (or disagree) with what you think.
>> Choose wisely.
>>   -- Bruce
> The internet is, indeed, a cesspool.  That's why I remain a skeptic on 
> all things that I cannot prove myself mathematically, scientifically 
> and/or logically.  I don't claim to be good at reasoning but, what 
> reasoning that I am capable of is enough for me.  My perception and 
> personal comprehension of the world are my world.  This leads me to 
> the desire to extinguish my anger at the differences in this world and 
> to, quite simply, accept that we will never achieve any of the utopian 
> fantasies of all of the world's socialists, capitalists, libertarians, 
> republicans, democrats, NWO creeps, conservatives, liberals, 
> communists, anarchists, cannibals, reptile people, what-have-you.  
> Maybe, if we were all skeptics, there might be peace ( not likely ).  
> The best that  I can do is deal with that which I can control and 
> limit the number of meddlers in my sphere ( there are always 
> meddlers!! ).  Kill this thread already!!!
> pcdls

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