[SATLUG] Multitail via SSH

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 17:20:26 CDT 2010

>>  On the duplicated line change field 1 to tom and field 7
>>  (the last one) to /usr/local/bin/mt
>OK, I was indeed wondering if it could work that way, and what would happen
>if you just quit the program (and that sounds like it would be that the
>session would close, which would be good).
Have you actually tried this (say perhaps using some of the examples
from the multitail website) e.g. set up account, login, run multitail (other
than as a less/more/cat substitute), logout, under the non-multitail account
use the command ps | grep multitail.
Post your results and consider what you asked above.

>Additionally, though, and why I was initially thinking some sort of pipe
>scenario might be the solution, is what if I want to view the multitail
>output, but not in an initialized state?
Have you actually read up on how multitail works?
(and/or any of the prior posts, completely)

>Ie, when I start multitail
>with my custom 'mt' command that you mention, it would just start viewing
>all of the files it's set to monitor, but from that moment in time (I mean,
>you could write the script to look back 2 weeks or something I realize, but
>that could be a lot of extra work if one was monitoring lots of files with
>different formats).  What if I would like to view the output of a multitail
>session that's been running for, say, 3 weeks, so that I could see what's
>been happening also BEFORE I am connecting?
Are you redirecting multitail output to the logfiles or
are the logfile(s) output being redirected to multitail?

Try typing man sed keeping in mind multifile includes a
combination of the screen command and sed command.
Need more information on the logfile format that you're using. -- if dates
are included in the logfiles, then shouldn't be an issue to figure out how
to do what you're asking.

>Do you see what I'm saying?
Need a login account OR the files && multitail setup file you're using. :P

>Does that make sense, am I explaining that well?
But are YOU trying/reading any of the things discussed in prior posts?


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