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> I've been programming in C a lot lately in the Linux 
> environment. I've got projects big now. I need to use and 
> write Makefiles, but neither the famous K&R book or the one 
> for my CS class cover them. Has anybody read a book that at 
> mentions Makefiles for maybe a chapter he or she would 
> suggest me reading? Not a 1k pg book on Makefiles please, 
> just a good suggested to the point one. A chapter of 
> Makefiles in a programming book is fine. Does anybody know?

Are you interested primarily in the educational experience?  Or is there any reason you can't use an IDE like KDevelop?  I've written some fairly straightforward makefiles from scratch (I like to use them to build LaTeX projects), and simple ones aren't that hard, but for any kind of programming project with more than a few source files, it's a lot easier to just load it all up into the IDE and let it generate a makefile for me.  If you don't like using an IDE for coding, you might at least try loading it all up and letting it build a makefile for you, and then you at least have an exemplar that you can explore and tweak.

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