[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] GPG Encryption Sub-Key Expired? Create a new one! But carefully... ; )

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 11:53:43 CDT 2010

> We could actually use your case as an example.  I know that keysigning's
> aren't supposed to involve computers.. so maybe in December we can have
> people bring their laptops and we can touch on topics such as:
>   -Using GPG with your computers (safely)
>   -Using GPG with removable media
>   -Creation/archiving revocation keys
>    (maybe I'll bring blank CDRs to offer to back people's revocation ;)
>   -File and encryption HOWTO
> anything else you all think we need?

- Generating GPG keys


> Tweeks

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