[SATLUG] Program named bashism

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 03:21:52 CDT 2010

On Sat, Oct 2, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Don Davis <dondavis at reglue.org> wrote:
> I remember reading about a program called 'bashism' in a magazine. I
> thought it was the same magazine where I read about DirB. Does anyone
> know this program or where I can find it?  (Oddly enough, googling
> 'bashism' 'Linux' and 'download' doesn't really help…)
> --

Google "bashism" produced this and several others---
"Bashisms and Ubuntu
Bashisms are bash extensions that are not strictly POSIX compliant.
Using some of these extensions can lead to portability issues between
different shells.
Since Ubuntu 6.10, the default system shell, /bin/sh, was changed to
dash. This change will cause /bin/sh scripts to fail if bash
extensions exist.
There is a tool called checkbashisms that is shipped along with the
“devscripts” package, which is able to find several kind of bashisms
in /bin/sh scripts and makefiles."

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