[SATLUG] Just thought you might like to know

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 00:00:38 CDT 2010

  On 10/7/10 11:35 PM, David Kowis wrote:
> At risk of making a political argument:
> The act of texting and driving should not be illegal. The consequences
> of doing so, might be. If you can text and drive because your brain has
> sufficient bandwidth to do so, then more power to you. If you cream a
> bus full of school children, then you need to be punished accordingly.
> Apparently the consequences of irresponsible driving are not
> sufficiently bad to handle your vehicle responsible. Or perhaps there's
> too many ways to get out, because there's too many laws that "protect"
> you from doing something wrong.
> "I didn't know I wasn't supposed to floss and drive."


I agree with you in spirit, but I don't think this law is meant to serve 
as a reason to pull people over an ticket them. I think this is to put 
something on the books that would allow the judicial system to more 
adequately punish those that "cream a bus full of school children." As 
far as I know, and I am not a lawyer, there weren't any laws on the 
books that would account for the kinds of accidents that distracted 
driving caused by using smartphones can lead to. It may be that the 
maximum punishments for reckless driving aren't adequate for accidents 
caused while texting. Or that reckless driving cannot be charged for 
some of the various kinds of accidents caused by distracted driving.

The bottom line is, when you are driving, you should be driving - eyes 
forward and both hands on the wheel. We don't take driving seriously 
enough in this country, there is far too little driver training required 
to get a license and we get our licenses at far too young an age.


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