[SATLUG] Re: [XCSSA] GPG Encryption Sub-Key Expired?Create anew one! But carefully... ; )

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Oct 9 00:47:29 CDT 2010

On Friday 08 October 2010 17:40:58 scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> I can't find anything on the site that I need to bring, but I know there
> was some things that needed to be done ahead of time.  

Sorry guys.. Hadn't scanned through SATLUG since making that cross post.

Yes.. We normally do keysigning parties around every 1-2 years.. but this is a 
special one in that it's 5 years after our first one.. and we had recommended 
that people make unlimited signing keys and 5yr encryption (4096 ElGamal) 
keys.. which.. just expired. :)

So.. anyway.. yes.. there are some things to do to prepare.. Listed here in 
steps 1-3 of OWN OWN HOWTO:

which includes directions on how to ascii-armor your pubkey and send it to the 
special organizer email address:
	keysign at xcssa.org 

That will get it to me and a couple other organizers (in case one of us gets 
sick and can't show or something).

We take all the key names/finger prints.. organize them on a keysigning party 
roster like this one:

And we bring the keysigning roster printouts to hand out for everyone to use.. 
validate each other, do the check offs.. then take the printout home, sign 
each other's keys and then "sync-up" with keyservers.

That's it in a nut shell.

As someone else pointed out, the big meeting will be Oct 18th.. and then in 
November we're thinking about having some follow up presentations on how to 
USE your shiny new signing and/or encryption keys.. doing digital signatures, 
file/device encryption, etc.

Any other questions guys?

p.s. to find all the info on how we do keysinings.. Just google
	xcssa gpg
and the important stuff (above) all pops right up.

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