[SATLUG] Want to get your GPG keys signed? You need to prepare NOW for the Oct 18th Keysigning Party!

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Oct 9 11:40:46 CDT 2010

Hey all..

Okay.. the meeting is a week off.. But if you expect to participate and get 
your keys signed.. then you must follow the pre-keysigning party steps here:

If you already have an unlimited GPG signing key, then you don't need to go 
through all this again, but if you had a 5 year (or limited) encryption key, 
then you WILL need to create a new encryption key (we recommend 4096bit  
ElGamal keys for this).

NOTE: Important.. Never delete old/expired encryption keys! Even though you 
have to create new encryption keys, you also need to keep your old ones for 
decrypting old encrypted content! If you delete old encryption keys (and 
haven't bothered to re-encrypt old content) then you'll never be able to 
access such data again! (e.g. email, files, hard drives, etc).

So.. any questions?  Not much time.. Don't wait if you wish to participate!

President of http://XCSSA.ORG/

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