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Mon Oct 11 10:02:10 CDT 2010

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On 10/10/2010 5:39 PM, Todd W. Bucy wrote:
> At risk of making a political argument:
> The act of texting and driving should not be illegal. The consequences
> of doing so, might be. If you can text and drive because your brain has
> sufficient bandwidth to do so, then more power to you. If you cream a
> bus full of school children, then you need to be punished accordingly.
>> I think that the point of the law is to try to prevent the creaming of
>> school buses by drivers who text while drive because it is legal to do
>> so.

So why isn't shaving and driving illegal? Reading the newspaper and
driving? Eating breakfast and driving?
The list can go on and on.

> Apparently the consequences of irresponsible driving are not
> sufficiently bad to handle your vehicle responsible. Or perhaps there's
> too many ways to get out, because there's too many laws that "protect"
> you from doing something wrong.
>> IMO texting while driving is irresponsible driving.  Apparently it is
>> more dangerous then drinking and driving and I think that we can all
>> agree that drunk drivers are by definition irresponsible drivers

We all agree that people should be responsible drivers. However, all of
these acts are innocuous alone, yes even drunk driving. It's only when
someone does them in a dangerous situation. For example: stop and go
traffic isn't going to be affected by someone texting. Maybe a
fenderbender, if you are really zoned out. I cannot think of any
situation where drunk driving is safe, mostly because of the ridiculous
hampering of your faculties it causes. From:
http://www.lewrockwell.com/rockwell/drunkdriving.html regarding drunk
driving being a crime.
"What precisely is being criminalized? Not bad driving. Not destruction
of property. Not the taking of human life or reckless endangerment. The
crime is having the wrong substance in your blood. Yet it is possible,
in fact, to have this substance in your blood, even while driving, and
not commit anything like what has been traditionally called a crime."

My point is not that we all agree that texting and driving is probably
not a smart thing to do. My point is that this is not a smart thing to
legislate. You cannot legislate out stupidity, and you cannot legislate
in responsibility. You can only punish people. Laws should only punish
things that are actually crimes. Damaging someone else's property or
person is a crime. Putting text into your phone is not.

If the problem of drivers driving irresponsible is bad, then up the
punishment for that. Don't try to legislate out every corner case, it's
not possible and it only results in hassling people that have done
nothing wrong.

I believe I have clearly stated my arguments, and I hope that I have not
offended anyone that sees this as not linux or tech related.

Thanks for participating,
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