[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

Todd W. Bucy r3d91ll at grandecom.net
Mon Oct 11 17:13:24 CDT 2010

since your building the system look for a used hardware raid card.  most
have drivers for both linux and windows.  Stay away from mobo raids like
nvraid as they are really enhanced software raid.  While this is the
most expensive option it is also the easiest and most usefull when
trying to rebuild your raid stack  

On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 11:40 -0500, Nate Turnage wrote: 
> In a very short while I am going to be building a workstation for doing more
> 3D and video. While I prefer to use linux for the whole production pipeline,
> I will need to use Windows for some After Effects work. So what I want to
> know is would there be a way to set up a RAID that will be accessible by
> both operating systems? If I render out a 30s animation with Blender, how
> will I get access to those frames from Windows?
> Thanks,
> Nate

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