[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

Todd W. Bucy r3d91ll at grandecom.net
Mon Oct 11 17:41:23 CDT 2010

> I am not thinking of it as a backup solution. I want to use it as a super
> fast repository for my working footage. The purpose of the RAID is to reduce
> seek and access times over single drives.
> ~Nate

if this is the case then why not build a NAS solution with dual 1GBit
NICs. bond the NICs and connect with a dd-wrt router/ 1GBit switch
bonded over a dd-wrt router/ 1gbit switch.  on your production machine
you do the same bond 2 1 GBic NICs.  

true this still will not be as fast as and "in box" solution but here is
some things you might want to consider when dual booting winblows and
1. NTFS-ng is a pretty good solution and one that t I use quite a bit
when repairing a windows system.  However it is not perfect and one will
find when dual booting that you will have to force mount your NTFS
partition quite a bit.  each time you do so you risk data loss or
corruption.  This is the major reason why many people are leaving dual
boot for virtualization.

2. the pure act of having to reboot and wait for windows to come up and
go down is real PITA.  This is especially true when compared to booting
windows as a VM.

3. finally because you are dual booting and security vulnerabilities
that you windows side can possibly affect your Linux security.  when
properly virtualized the guest OS is contained within a very narrow
environment.  If the guest OS catches a virus, no big deal just delete
the instance and re-image your original install.  All fixed in under an


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