[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 19:08:40 CDT 2010

  On 10/11/10 5:41 PM, Todd W. Bucy wrote:
> if this is the case then why not build a NAS solution with dual 1GBit
> NICs. bond the NICs and connect with a dd-wrt router/ 1GBit switch
> bonded over a dd-wrt router/ 1gbit switch.  on your production machine
> you do the same bond 2 1 GBic NICs.

This would require setting up a second machine... with a RAID card... 
and two NICs. And if I was going that route I might as well go with 
fiber channel. That's just more than I wanted to get into. I just need 
RAID 0 or 0 + 1 to serve as a fast frame store.


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