[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 21:19:38 CDT 2010

>Furthermore, Linux does not slow down the guest operating systems it is
>Windows can be given access to more resources like RAM than the machine
>actually has and Linux will speed up Windows to run faster in such a VM environment than it
>runs directly on the bare metal -- without a Hypervisor/VMM.
>I don't care if you believe me or think I'm exagerating.  I've seen it and
>measured it.

Ummm.... just a few observations.  You're saying 64 bit windows can be sped up
buy running it under 32 bit Linux (vs. running 64 bit windows under 64
bit linux)?
Or giving 16bit windows > 2^16 bits of RAM space will speed it up
without using a VMM?
Interesting, given even with UAE, exceeding the "bit space" doesn't do
wonders for Linux (or in general, <pick your OS>).


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