[SATLUG] Filesystem/RAID advice

mark mark at kandm-solutions.com
Wed Oct 13 21:51:34 CDT 2010

I was looking into this a while back. Generally no you cannot give
windows direct access to the video card for rendering. In some cases you
can but you have to get very specific and expensive hardware. Nvidia has
written some virtualization capabilities into some of the video cards. I
believe they are the quadro series. And the only motherboards I'm aware
of are Dell Parallel OS sysems (expensive). I'm not sure which
virtualization software programs are capable of implementing it.

Xen and KVM can I believe do a kind of PCI passthrough which gives the
guest direct access to the hardware. The articles I've read and the
benchmarks I've seen, without the special hardware, have been less than

> Another thought, would it be possible to use XEN and load windows up 
> virtually but with direct access to a hardware video card (for 
> rendering) and load linux up using a second cheaper video card. Although 
> I think that would require two monitors or atleast a monitor with 2 
> inputs. If I recall you can flip between the virtualized guests with 
> some keyboard short cuts in Xen. The host would be running a light linux 
> ditro with the mdadm software raid setup of course.
> Or you could just use a hardware raid card and partition it up and do 
> the whole dual boot thing...
> Sam


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