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I have stayed with ubuntu the whole time.  early on, many computers ago, I tried RH, but never did really follow thru with it.

>From what I have seen, ubuntu is simple enough, yet lets those that want to tinker around with advanced settings really get under the hood ( like me and still manage to get things screwed up from time to time) but still write a script that mounts every /dev/sd?? device in one central location and retrieve files from other disks when they don't automount.

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> > After further working on the problem, thinking I was headed in the wrong way.  What used to work (even the live cd) now doesn't.  I'm starting to think I have some sort of hardware problem.  Planning on getting an old p3-1G Dual chip board out of storage and seeing if it still works.  For now, it might replace an AMD Athalon X2 4200+, but maybe the difference in memory will make a difference. AMD onl had 2.25G, the Intel has 4G.
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> > Richard
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> One of my four machines had this 8.04 to 10.04 glitch and stayed at
> some interim version of 8.04. After studying the mess for a few days I
> just did a complete 10.04 install from a CD/DVD.
> It came up and ran fine after the install. The "caveat" is I did not
> have much customization I wanted to save in the OS partition so I
> formatted it. All my User Data is on "/home" and I did not format that
> partition. Everything worked fine on "/home". It took a while to get
> all the changes back in the OS partition.
> I suspect the problem was a network glitch from my ISP or NIC or the
> slow processor on that machine. This wisdom comes after doing 4
> installs and many re-installs for drill. I also replaced Ubuntu with
> Kubuntu and had some problems there with Kubuntu. Kubuntu does not
> have the support Ubuntu has. Some of the problems were also KDE 4.x
> related.
> Example, one of the Kubuntu installs on an older machine that has had
> a very stable sound system over many OSes worked until an upgrade and
> the sound quit. I messed around with this problem for several days and
> then reinstalled Ubuntu 10.04 and the sound worked fine again. This
> makes it a Kubuntu problem.
> All my machines dual boot Ubuntu/Kubuntu and PCLinuxOS 2010. The sound
> worked fine in PCLinuxOS 2010 when Kubuntu 10.04 was broke.
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