[SATLUG] Blender Open Movie Project

Nate Turnage pixelnate at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 17:55:09 CDT 2010

On 10/23/2010 02:52 PM, Don Wright wrote:
> The latest movie initiated by the Blender Foundation is available for
> download. Sintel, the Durian Open Movie Project, is an animated short
> film created with open source tools. The project site notes: "The movie
> itself, and all of the work of the Durian team in the past 18 months
> will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution license, free
> for everyone to distribute, learn from or re-use. The 4-disc DVD set
> will provide all data to be able to recreate and rerender the film in
> its entirety."

I ordered the DVD already. Should be released shortly as they sent the 
masters to the replication house a little over a week ago. Even though 
the movie was a bit underwhelming, compared to their previous projects, 
I am anxious to get my hands on some of their project files. If only 
just to see how they use the sequencer and compositing nodes to their 
full advantage.


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