[SATLUG] suggestion for mini barebone

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Oct 24 11:01:12 CDT 2010

Hi guys, 

I am looking for a small footprint, low cost enclosure. Essentially, I am 
looking for something the size of a laptop without the screen, keyboard
and touchpad.

Minimally, I need the following capabilities:

Intel core 2 Duo 1.6-2.0 GHZ (or equivalent AMD)
ATI or nVIDIA video (doesn't need to be high end, with digital and SVGA out)
4 USB2 ports
802.11 wireless
100 or 1000 baseT ethernet
2-4 GB RAM
110-240V switchable power supply
basic audio
1 laptop SATA drive bay 
PS2 mouse/keyboard connectors
max weight: 10 pounds, but less is better

optional items (would be nice, but not absolutely necessary):

2 bay for laptop SATA drives
DVD-R/W drive
fanless setup

I'm hoping to get something like this for around $200, is that reasonable?
Of course, all hardware needs to be supported by Linux.

Can anyone recommend a particular product?

Thanks, -Borries

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