[SATLUG] Remote Control of your home computer

Othniel Graichen othniel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 16:34:36 CDT 2010

I do and its Simple:

ssh -X -l walt box

where walt is the user name you want to use on the server called "box"

specifying -X switch allows you to run X apps like nautilus


Do not use xhost for any reason.

Once you have ssh into the remote server you may run xterm or gnome-terminal

which allows multiple sessions at click of a mouse.  Also konsole for kde.

Launching X apps is done in the background with &

ssh is the solution.

Furthermore, Microsoft people can also install free software to become
Xwindows compatible and thereby graphics terminals to a Linux box.

On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Walt DuBose <dubose at texas.net> wrote:

> Othniel (In Hebrew, lion of God) and I had remote control of our Solaris
> Web Servers when we were working out at Kelly.  We used SSH and X-Host and
> X-term and I have forgotten how we did it.
> Othniel, and others, do you have any idea how we might have done this?
> I have a "burning desire" to do this with my notebook computer from several
> WiFi hot-spots as well as from the goat shed in my back yard and my wife
> wants to use here laptop to do the same thing.
> Any assistance (written process) would be GREATLY appreciated.
> Gee, its been 20 years since I worked at Kelly and about that long that
> Othniel has known Linux.
> Am I getting old or what?
> Walt
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