John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Tue Oct 26 16:21:48 CDT 2010

On Sat, Oct 23, 2010 at 15:11, Walt DuBose <dubose at texas.net> wrote:

> On 10/23/2010 01:04 PM, Daniel Givens wrote:
>> Not currently, but I've setup the free server multiple times. I typically
>> use the non-free client though. It would save time if you asked the question
>> about what you're having problems, unless you're just wanting a poll of who
>> uses it.
FWIW,  I use Hamachi from LogMeIn to allow full remote network access.  They
have just updated both the Mac and Linux clients (After making us suffer for
almost 2.5 years) to the new rev 2 platform, and it works very well for me.
 I then use ssh, RDP, VNC, or LogMeIn Free to access the console(s) of my
distributed systems in CO, TX, & GA.  Now that they have nearly full
platform support (Linux is CLI only, no Hamachi2 GUI client), I can access
all of my systems from each other from wherever.

On Oct 23, 2010, at 1:00 PM, Walt DuBose wrote:
>>  Is anyone using the free copy of NOMachine NX Server and NX Client to
>>> remote into their home computer say from work or a "hot spot"?
I have to revisit NX.  IIRC, I had an issue with NX client on Win7 x64 that
made me move away from it.

> As several others are trying to do what I want to do,  I want to be able to
> run a radio data suite (http://www.w1hkj.com) from a WiFi hotspot, guest
> Internet connection or WiMax since several of our radio club members are
> Clear Representatives and can give me a good deal.

Unfamiliar with the project, but if the system is network-aware/smart,
Hamachi is all that you need, as that provides full network access between
systems; so if both systems are on Hamachi and both have a network
connection to the internet, they will have full access.

> Then sometimes in the future, I want to be able to run my transceiver
> computer remote and log into it and send and receive voice (send and
> receive) over VoIP.

I have 2 systems configured as Hamachi Gateways (As configured, I only
connect to one at a time) so that they are VPN end-points to the remote
network, and thus I have full access to those networks, via that network's
IP range, rather than Hamachi's standard IP addressing.


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