[SATLUG] Multitail via SSH

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 09:59:12 CDT 2010

> Whoa!  Thanks for all the responses Craig!  You've given me tables full
> of food for thought!  I thought some pipes might be part of a solution,
> but you've given some other interesting ideas as well.  Thanks, I'll be
> trying to put some legs to these!
> David

Your welcome.


For a machine in a DMZ, might want to consider a push filesytem
instead of the traditional pull file system.  ccgfs : pushed based
file system : http://ccgfs.sourceforge.net/

tlssh (alpha status) : Gives a simulated ssh for ssl stuff :

lshell : a command limiting shell concept : http://lshell.ghantoos.org/

Use with the multi-push, clash : http://bitbucket.org/jimd/classh/wiki/Home

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