[SATLUG] Multitail via SSH

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 12:38:48 CDT 2010

> > I don't want it tailed out to a TTY, I want it "protected" in some way.
>  Do you think there is a way to redirect the output of multitail to a place that could
> > only be accessible via a SSH login, perhaps by tying the multitail
> > output somehow to a command that runs as the shell when the user logs in?
> > David

> I know Craig gave a lot of answers already, but in looking at the utility
> pgm and your request, I would ask some clarification:
> What do you mean by "a place" only accessible via SSH?
Doesn't want an open network connection/no control of output of
logfile dumped to "internet"
> Multitail is an application, so when you run the application,
> wherever you run it, it has to have access to the logfiles you want to
> view from the environment
No, all it has to have is an input source/stream that you're interested in.
(could be local, could be remote e.g could be from disk, could be ram,
could be from SSD, could be from tty, could be from a device in /dev
outputing chars, could be a remotely mounted file)

> or "login account" on the box where it is running.
No, can remote view a program on different box without logging in.
All you need is a way to connect to the box (login account or no login account).
For sanity sake, yeah, you want some type of login/authentication

> The "place" where you run it, is a certain account on a certain machine.
> You can't control access to the multitail program.
The reference was to running multitail in place of /bin/sh when you
started an account.
In which case, you do control access to the program (MAC/BAC and
related issues not withstanding) via login.

> so your only control is over the file access permissions.
>Furthermore, it doesnt make sense to redirect the output of interactive
Umm..... please explain how VNC, shell programs, xwindows or daemon
programs work. :P

> Output from console apps can be redirected to a file, but in this case it
>seems you are possibly trying to remotely access a set of files?
No, he's trying in real time to display info gathered from a file(s)
filtered by an app.

>What are you trying to "protect" and from whom?
See "login account" discussion.
I'm assuming in a mult-box/networked environment, he also wants to
prevent eaves dropping on the syslog info being transferred over the

>Is this a class assignment?
I think he was looking for object(ive) instances. :P


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