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Othniel Graichen othniel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 14:09:23 CDT 2010

Thank you Craig for your assessment.  I already got your take on
his question.  That's why I asked him directly.

Regarding redirection that word has a specific meaning in
Computer Science.  VNC and RDP are not redirection in that sense.

Headless programs (daemons) are designed to use logfiles to communicate
their state.

I'm trying to determine if a syslog type solution is appropriate for him or
if he needs
a file sharing protocol configured on /var/log

Then again, it could just be a homework exercise to get the student to
explain file access
controls at a group level.

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 12:38 PM, c P <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> > > I don't want it tailed out to a TTY, I want it "protected" in some way.
> >  Do you think there is a way to redirect the output of multitail to a
> place that could
> > > only be accessible via a SSH login, perhaps by tying the multitail
> > > output somehow to a command that runs as the shell when the user logs
> in?
> > > David
> >
> > I know Craig gave a lot of answers already, but in looking at the utility
> > pgm and your request, I would ask some clarification:
> >
> > What do you mean by "a place" only accessible via SSH?
> Doesn't want an open network connection/no control of output of
> logfile dumped to "internet"
> > Multitail is an application, so when you run the application,
> > wherever you run it, it has to have access to the logfiles you want to
> > view from the environment
> No, all it has to have is an input source/stream that you're interested in.
> (could be local, could be remote e.g could be from disk, could be ram,
> could be from SSD, could be from tty, could be from a device in /dev
> outputing chars, could be a remotely mounted file)
> > or "login account" on the box where it is running.
> No, can remote view a program on different box without logging in.
> All you need is a way to connect to the box (login account or no login
> account).
> For sanity sake, yeah, you want some type of login/authentication
> controls/methods.
> > The "place" where you run it, is a certain account on a certain machine.
> > You can't control access to the multitail program.
> The reference was to running multitail in place of /bin/sh when you
> started an account.
> In which case, you do control access to the program (MAC/BAC and
> related issues not withstanding) via login.
> > so your only control is over the file access permissions.
> >
> >Furthermore, it doesnt make sense to redirect the output of interactive
> >apps.
> Umm..... please explain how VNC, shell programs, xwindows or daemon
> programs work. :P
> > Output from console apps can be redirected to a file, but in this case it
> >seems you are possibly trying to remotely access a set of files?
> >
> No, he's trying in real time to display info gathered from a file(s)
> filtered by an app.
> >What are you trying to "protect" and from whom?
> >
> See "login account" discussion.
> I'm assuming in a mult-box/networked environment, he also wants to
> prevent eaves dropping on the syslog info being transferred over the
> internet.
> >Is this a class assignment?
> I think he was looking for object(ive) instances. :P
> Craig
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