[SATLUG] Multitail via SSH

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 28 20:01:57 CDT 2010

> I'd be glad to enlighten you Friend Craig:
XFCE is more my preference.

> VNC does not redirect the output of an application.
> Rather it monitors the frame buffer for changes and sends the deltas
> to the remote.

So, this isn't a redirection of data changes caused by an app?

>  Thus it depends on the underlying OS to get the
> screen data and grabs anything there.

If you take that view, then there is no such thing as
application/shell/etc redirection,
as all programs just put their output in an OS buffer and the OS
redirects another program
to the output buffer.  Actually, the OS is dependent on the underlying hardware
to do the redirects.

> If a popup appears over the
> output of the application, the user doesn't see the output.

This is your reasoning on why it doesn't make sense to redirect
the output of an interactive app?

> Ok Craig its been a few years since you got that CS diploma.
> Ill cut you some slack.
You have to redirect to paste first.
Oh wait, that might be quite awhile writing in assembler at the OS level. :P


> Othniel
> On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 3:20 PM, c P <sargonemail at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >Regarding redirection that word has a specific meaning in
> > >Computer Science.  VNC and RDP are not redirection in that sense.
> > >
> >
> > The statement was
> > >> >Furthermore, it doesnt make sense to redirect the output of interactive
> > >> >apps.
> > >> Umm..... please explain how VNC, shell programs, xwindows or daemon
> > >> programs work. :P
> > If you can explain how VNC and RDP redirect the output of an interactive
> > app
> > on machine A to machine B without using redirection on a live connection,
> > I'd be interested to hear it.
> >
> > >Headless programs (daemons) are designed to use logfiles to communicate
> > >their state.
> > >
> > Are you sure that's the only designated use?
> > Wouldn't be to also start a app/program or portion there of &&
> > redirect the network connection i/o to the associated program?
> >
> > ...
> > >
> > >Then again, it could just be a homework exercise to get the student to
> > >explain file access controls at a group level.
> > >
> > Yes, or figuring out how to edit/what commands to use to edit
> > /etc/passwd and friends.
> >
> > Craig

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