[SATLUG] interesting caveat printed on the Ubuntu download page for Meercat

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Mon Sep 6 14:13:27 CDT 2010

On Mon, Sep 06, 2010 at 10:50:45AM -0500, Don Davis wrote:
> > Even on 32-bit, I get sound problems - like it just stops working.
> Which sound server?

Not sure, whatever is the default with KDE.

> > Also you'll note that video on netbooks kills the CPU, and when the CPU
> > is taxed, sound suffers.
> Makes sense. There were plenty of mem leaks with Flash.

I don't think it's memory leaks, it's the tax on the CPU and the weak
CPUs in netbooks.  Mine hits 80-90% on non-full-screen, and at that
point, pushing sound to the audio system becomes unreliable.

VDPAU (like in the Asus EEE PCs, one of which I just bought) may help
here; my friend gets 25% CPU utilization on one core with a fullscreen
1080p video under mplayer on his 1201pn (which has an nVidia ion GPU
to offload the scaling and such).
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