[SATLUG] OS installs on thumb drives

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Mon Sep 6 19:38:00 CDT 2010

On Monday 06 September 2010 01:21:49 travis+ml-satlug at subspacefield.org wrote:
> I wanted to make an entire OS install on a thumb drive.  Ideally I'd
> like to have a whole, regular system, that I can use grub with, boot
> various kernels, etc.

Hey Travis..
If any of the Ubuntus are to your liking .. I highly recommend checking out 

I compared it to a few others at XCSSA a few months back. The main thing it 
offers is the ability to take any live-CD distro (Ubuntu based) and make it 
into a bootable USB system **WITH persistent storage**.. This means that you 
can start with a thin, quick distro like Xubuntu.. add the security tools and 
packages that YOU like.. configure you mail client.. encryption, etc.. and the 
state is recorded to a diff based loopback (sort of) filesystem overlay (to 
the running ISO image). Pretty slick. BTW.. With usb-creator.. the native VFAT 
of the USB device is preserved when NOT booted into the device.  But when 
booted into it, your diffs are mounted as a native Linux filesystem. So that's 
cool too (doesn't try to force you to work in VFAT when booted in).

Fedora and other distros have their own version of persistent live-CD tools  
now too.  Imagine doing this with something like BackTrack or S-T-D. Pretty 
slick... NOTE: You'll want at least a 4-8GB USB stick for doing any serious 

Hope that helps..

Good luck!


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