[SATLUG] Add line or character delay to ssh session

c P sargonemail at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 11:54:24 CDT 2010

> On Tue Sep 7 10:01:38 CDT 2010 Aaron Hackney wrote:
> So, I've googled my brains out, but I can't find any references to
> this. What I am looking to do is delay my line feeds to an ssh
> session. That is, when I am copy and pasting code to an ssh session, I
> would like a 30ms delay before or after the line feed before it
> attempts to send another line.
> I have come up with solutions for this using M$ Windows based software
> (Teraterm & SercureCRT ,but no putty), however I'm looking for a
> command line equivalent in Linux ssh CLI sessions.
> If it helps to understand the problem, I have outlined the M$
> solutions here: http://www.networksa.org/?p=176

Well, under a unix shell, you can always paste to a file, then feed
the file to an awk script which pauses for the appropriate amount of
time before echoing the line to the appropriate display device.
Complexities of completely automating this / dealing with
non-printable/displayable characters (e.g.  offer all available
display devices to paste to, grab from buffer, etc.) left as an


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