[SATLUG] Missed Meeting and PC Show this Saturday

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 9 23:54:22 CDT 2010

Well, since we missed another meeting due to lack of an unlocked room,
I'll just post this brief update for the PC Show.

SATLUG will be at the next Computer Show and Sale this Saturday, Sept.
11, at the Live Oak Civic Center. We'll be showing Linux and Free/Libre
Open Source Software to the assembled crowds, and taking advantage of a
few bargains when time permits. Most of the vendors know and appreciate
SATLUG and give us their best deals - so wear your club shirt or tell
them you're part of SATLUG!

Here's a money-saving special deal
--just for those that know the secret--

Print a $1.00 OFF "Admission Coupon" located on the show's website:

DATE: Saturday, September 11th
TIME: 9am to 5pm - (One Day Only)
LOCATION: Live Oak Civic Center
8101 Pat Booker Rd (@ Loop 1604)
(Just a short drive from the main gate at Randolph Air Force Base, or
around the corner from The Forum shopping district, up I-35 from...
Heck, you've got a computer - get your own map!)

Be well - or at least have interesting symptoms!

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