[SATLUG] ticket-tracking and linux

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Thu Sep 16 10:11:43 CDT 2010

On Thu, 16 Sep 2010, Todd W. Bucy wrote:

>>>> We need to be able to track the following for customer billing and
>>>> tracking purposes:

>>>> client bandwidth usage
>>>> billable hours for client setup and maintenance
>>>> email, irc, and voip integration
>>>> a client web portal for help desk support.

> We have decided to go with ubersmith.  As it had bandwidth monitoring,
> power consumption monitoring, ticket tracking, and also integrates with
> our finance software.  It was the only option out there that offered all
> of these features into an integrated package.

Here is a feature bullet list, by version, it seems:


in all versions (DE and Professional)
     * Client & Billing Management
     * Help Desk Management
     * Device & IP Address Management
     * Service Plans & Order Management
     * API, Event Triggers, & Service Module Framework

the 'professional' version adds:
     * Bandwidth Monitoring & Overage Billing
     * Individual Server Performance Monitoring
     * Remote Reboot
     * Quickbooks Web Connect Synchronization
     * Metric By Which Price is Measured

for a Base Monthly Fee
     	DE	$89.95
     	Pro	$449.00

I take it you must have gone for the 'Pro' version;  1) the 
integration, and 2) the 'QB web' and managability ('Metric') 
of pricing are the adjuncts you pick up here?

Do you think this is a stopgap approach to get your firm up 
and running, while you do a local buildout in a 'buy v. build' 
path, or something you think you will stay with?  It seems 
fairly pricey to get that integration

- Russ herrold

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