[SATLUG] cron help?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 00:12:51 CDT 2010

Richard Suberg wrote:
> Ok, since I put the entry in syslog.conf with a path and hyphen nothing
> showed up. Re-edited and put in a hyphen (not sure the difference, and the
> help file confused me on it) I will see what happens next...but I did notice
> when I checked the /etc/crontab file that it was listed to run the wrong
> script (I wrote a newer/updated one) and tried also running the script in
> crontab with the username of the owner of the home folder.  See what happens
> now, since the script is set to run so late have to wait for the morning to
> check on effects...

When I was teaching at SAC, I had students write a script like:

/usr/bin/logger -p local3.info "Test message"

and then add an entry to the crontab like:

* * * * *              /path/to/logit

Then check the logs.  There should be a test message every minute.  Once 
that's done, then adjust the crontab and the script to do what you want.

   -- Bruce

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