[SATLUG] Happy Birthday to GNU!

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 28 21:24:17 CDT 2010

>Greg Willden wrote:
>> But you're mixing up the idiom there.
>> The argument made by Eric Raymond against Richard Stallman was that the GNU
>> project was the cathedral.  That the code releases were freely available but
>> that intermediate code was only available to the select few developers.
>> Raymond argued for the Bazaar model where the development is done in public
>> view on the internet. 

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>Hmm, I thought it was proprietary development (secret code, e.g. MS, 
>UNIX, or X before xfree86) vs open source.  It's been quite while since 
>I read it, so my memory may be foggy.

And a quick trip to WP shows Greg was correct - GNU Emacs and GCC were
indeed the original Cathedral projects, though they have since become
more Bazaar. I'd have cast them as Craft Guilds with only one approved
way to make a teapot (until the Masters release the new improved model),
rather than an organization that claims everything continues the same
since the time of the Patriarchs, but tastes differ.  --Don

Oh Joy, another Learning Experience.

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