[SATLUG] Root Password - Help Please!!!!

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Sep 29 10:06:02 CDT 2010

> Hi All!
> Resetting up mom's computer with my helper.  Using Ubuntu 10.04.  Trying to
> install Lexmark printer drivers but asking for root password.  I have no
> idea what that is or if it is something I may have checked some where that
> we shouldn't have checked.
> Is there some place that I need to uncheck "use root password" or how can I
> find out what the root password is so my helper can install these drivers.
> Thank you very much in advance!
> Cheryl


the root password would have been set at the time of installation of your 
mother's system. Whoever installed it, must have set this password. If you
cannot remember it (you could try logging in as "root" and providing different
passwords until it works), then you could still boot the system from a rescue
CDROM or flash drive, mount the root partition and edit /etc/passwd to delete
the current password entry. Then you could reboot the system, log in as root, and set 
a new password.

Try the guessing part first if you have a good idea of what it could be, 
otherwise, people here on this list will assist you with more detailed 
instructions on how to get in with a rescue disk. Check with whoever installed
the system, also try an empty password, in case you didn't set one (unlikely).


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