[SATLUG] no sound in browser

Geoff Edmonson w5omr at att.net
Sun Apr 3 10:22:21 CDT 2011

Here's a head scratcher...

running openSuSE Linux 11.2 i586 on a Dell poweredge sc430 with 
dual-core 2.8GHz cpus, and 1.5gb of Ram.  The default browser is Firefox 

Things were great, until I upgraded Firefox.

After that, I still had system sounds, but nothing in the browser.  No 
youtube audio, no sounds in flash games.  No audio in the browser, 
period.  Updated Adobe Flash to 10.2 to no avail.

Some experimenting today revealed that logging in as root, and reverting 
to the default installed version of 3.6.16 brought back sounds in the 
browser.  Hmmmm... ok - a permissions problem.  'chown'ed' /dev/audio to 
666, but that had no help in sound in the updated browser.

Further experimentation led me to create a new user, with no special 
editing of user priivledges or group permissions.. back to Firefox 
3.6.16 and sounds in the browser.

alsamixer says everything is up, levels are good and sound should be 
blasting.  Locally playing mp3 and wav files is flawless.  There's just 
no sound in the updated browser.

What is it?

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