[SATLUG] no sound in browser

Mark Mayfield mark at kandm-solutions.com
Sun Apr 3 12:38:30 CDT 2011

Curious as to the method of upgrade. Was the upgrade through the package
manager of was it a manual upgrade? I know the last time I upgraded
firefox manually on an selinux enabled distro I had to do quite a few
chcon and restorecon commands to restore full functionality.

On Sun, 2011-04-03 at 10:22 -0500, Geoff Edmonson wrote:
> Here's a head scratcher...
> running openSuSE Linux 11.2 i586 on a Dell poweredge sc430 with 
> dual-core 2.8GHz cpus, and 1.5gb of Ram.  The default browser is Firefox 
> 3.6.16.
> Things were great, until I upgraded Firefox.
> After that, I still had system sounds, but nothing in the browser.  No 
> youtube audio, no sounds in flash games.  No audio in the browser, 
> period.  Updated Adobe Flash to 10.2 to no avail.
> Some experimenting today revealed that logging in as root, and reverting 
> to the default installed version of 3.6.16 brought back sounds in the 
> browser.  Hmmmm... ok - a permissions problem.  'chown'ed' /dev/audio to 
> 666, but that had no help in sound in the updated browser.
> Further experimentation led me to create a new user, with no special 
> editing of user priivledges or group permissions.. back to Firefox 
> 3.6.16 and sounds in the browser.
> alsamixer says everything is up, levels are good and sound should be 
> blasting.  Locally playing mp3 and wav files is flawless.  There's just 
> no sound in the updated browser.
> What is it?

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