[SATLUG] [OT] Onsite Tech Assistance needed for small SATX business...

John Pappas j at jvpappas.net
Sun Apr 3 18:38:14 CDT 2011

Hey All,

I have a client in SATX that needs some paid onsite, hands-on,
assistance.  As I am not in TX to do this, I need some help getting it
done.  The operation: purchase and replace two (2) PC UPS batteries
(Some model of single cell Belkin UPS or similar).  Site is near
intersection of IH410 and Broadway.

Quick breakdown:
-- Go onsite to collect SLA battery type to acquire during business hours (8-4)
-- Acquire SLA batteries from Altex
-- Return to site and replace batteries in UPS units during business hours (8-4)
-- Send me details (Time spent) and address to send paycheck and
reimbursement for batteries

Please respond if interested and capable of executing this operation
and I will send more details (pay rate, expected hours required, and
business address).


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