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David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Thu Apr 14 12:46:12 CDT 2011

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On 04/14/2011 11:06 AM, Ernest De Leon wrote:
> I see nothing wrong with having them sponsor an event and discuss their
> services. What I do have a problem with is the fact that most head hunters
> will spam you with job offerings once they have your email address. Some of
> them are pertinent, but most are not. For instance, if I submitted my resume
> as a solutions architect and mentioned anywhere in there that I worked with
> a project that used PHP (but never developed in it), the head hunter will
> spam me (and everyone else with the word PHP in their resume) for a job as a
> PHP programmer. This really irks me as no where in my resume did I ever say
> that I am a PHP developer. Of course, the head hunter doesn't take the time
> to filter the search and only email those who are actively seeking PHP
> development work. That's too much work, of course. :)
> With that said, I would be extremely careful with what info you give to
> them. Also be firm that you are only interested in jobs that fall in your
> area (say System Administration). If you do end up giving them your resume,
> be cautious as to what keyword you put in your resume. Know that once you
> hand over your info, it goes into a general database and every person at the
> head hunter's firm will now have access to it and potentially spam you with
> stuff you are not interested in. Also, once you are in the DB, it is a royal
> pain to get yourself out of it. TekSystems and Robert Half Technology are
> pretty reputable companies. I wouldn't deal with most other head hunters
> though.

We've had recruiters sponsor the SATJUG (java users group) meeting, and
I haven't been spammed at all. I think sponsoring a meeting is different
than an individual interacting with them.

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