[SATLUG] Ubuntu first impressions

bryan at beicker.com bryan at beicker.com
Fri Apr 15 19:59:26 CDT 2011

> The DVD booted fine and the install started. I was allowed to specify
> where I wanted to install and I created a new partition (sda16) for it.

Also note that the installer can correctly setup a GPT partition table 
for those of us with 3TB hard drives and UEFI instead of a BIOS.

Most software, including the default fdisk/cfdisk found on most distros 
still can't do this.

> Getting used to the software installer took me a little time just
> because I wasn't used to it, but it seems to work well.

Remember there are at least 3 ways to install programs:

1) At the terminal, example "apt-get install vim"
2) Using a GUI such as "synaptic" (the GUI that you would use in Debian)
3) Using a GUI such as "Ubuntu Software Center" (specific to Ubuntu)

> I don't really care for the look and
> feel of Gnome, but that is not a Ubuntu specific problem. I did load
> some KDE packages, but in my opinion the KDE4 look is not as clean as KDE3.

Since you are a KDE user, you may prefer the Kubuntu variant 
(http://www.kubuntu.org/) of Ubuntu instead.  Might save you a little 
bit of configuring and package installing.

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