[SATLUG] Fwd: TEKsystems - SATLUG Sponsorship

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 19:51:41 CDT 2011

Kyle Chrisman wrote:
> Lets not go down this road...
> The way into Rackspace from a recruiting standpoint is very narrow.  
> They are not likely to find their way in this way if their intentions 
> are to recruit for Rackspace simply because that is not how it works.  
> On the flip side however, bringing a recruiter in through Rackspace's 
> side doors could be very bad for the current relationship if they start 
> trying to take Rackspace employees.  Rackspace employees are some of the 
> best talent in the world and to have a recruiter use SATLUG to get in 
> would have nothing but negative consequences.  As Rackers, we jealously 
> guard our culture.

I see your point.  I also thank Rackspace for their generous 
contributions, both for hosting the server and the SATLUG meetings.

I do not see a need for another sponsor.  I don't think we need anything 
more.  However, I do think it is reasonable for them to give a single 
presentation telling us what they do.  I think some would appreciate the 

As a note, I am not personally interested.

   -- Bruce

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