[SATLUG] FAFSA application

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Mon Apr 18 20:19:00 CDT 2011

On 03/20/2011 08:36 PM, mark wrote:
> 	So my girlfriend and I were trying to our FAFSA applications online.
> The site was down for "maintenance" for a few days. When it came back up
> and I tried to go fill out my application I got an unsupported browser
> error. It wouldn't let me fill out the application. It said that I
> wasn't using a standards compliant browser. It also showed a list but
> the only requirement I didn't meet was the operating system. It only
> supports Windows and Mac.
> 	I sent them some comments about about requiring me to use an operating
> system that costs money in order to fill out an application that is
> supposed to be free. Also for telling me I am using a browser that is
> not standards compliant when my browser is, so is my operating system.
> That they are requiring the use of operating systems that are not
> standards compliant.

Well not to beat a dead horse but I see now salliemae.com requires me to 
have an embedded pdf reader in my browser. Yes I know adobe has their 
linux firefox pdf plug-in but I am not installing it. First of all, I 
hate it when pdf's load in my browser. Just give me the dang file to 
So if anyone is keeping track of websites that have ridiculous 
requirements, add sallie


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