[SATLUG] Fwd: TEKsystems - SATLUG Sponsorship

buddylee48 buddylee48 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 20:56:32 CDT 2011

I don't think any sponsorship should be turned down unless there is an
obvious problem. It's not everyday that non profit organizations get offered
sponsorships without having to ask for one first. I know as the former
TAMULUG president that getting free money comes far a few between at times
and other times it's plentiful. I would hate to see wasted opportunities

There is always a concern on how to handle multiple sponsorships and the lug
officers that represent the members of the lug should communicate clearly
with all sponsors to resolve any concerns.

Rackspace is graciously donating their space, utilities, money, and time to
help make this organization a success which we are grateful for. A Racker
has expressed his concerns from their viewpoint which is entirely
understandable. These concerns should be made clear to teksystems and I
personally don't think we will have problems.

Whether or not individuals like or dislike TekSystems should not limit other
members from the potential to learn something and expand their horizons.
Limiting or censoring knowledge and experience will never benefit the lug
and well honestly doesn't methorically follow much of FOSS morals ;)

Just my 2 cents. I know there are plenty of lugs who would pounce on this
opportunity. It's all about managing good relationships with our gracious

Cody Lee

(Sorry for any spelling errors - written on my phone)
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